Zoomies Tote Bag

Zoomies Tote Bag

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20% of the sale price of this bag goes directly to Forever Hounds Trust.

Impressive to behold, a sighthound doing a 'zoomie' can reach speeds of 40mph in just a few seconds. The high-spirited hounds featured on this tote are no exception, joyfully running at full pelt through a vibrant, dreamy landscape.

A line of colourful flowers and startled butterflies line the base of the bag.

These totes are great for shopping and the beach but also ideal 'doggy bags' for when you and your hound are on the move - they're roomy so you can easily fit a blanket, water bowl and treats inside.

  • Made from a durable yet soft machine-washable fabric
  • Heavy duty black shoulder strap/handles
  • Dimensions: W47 x H35 x D13 cm
  • Vegan-friendly printing inks

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